Monday, May 2, 2011

I thought this a pretty courageous act to directly implement some change. Tim's actions exposed a corrupt system into which literally anyone off of the street could bid for and win land that would be used for oil drilling. Not just any land, but areas next to national and state parks. At this point Tim's sentence is still being decided, but it will be interesting to see where his case goes come June when he will be sentenced.
Green Towns

I though this was pretty cool, is a website in which towns can trade information on local sustainability efforts and green events.
Another Side of Tilapia, the Perfect Factory Fish

From reading this article its clear that regulations worldwide for farmed fish need much improvement. Consumers also need to made more aware about where their fish is coming from. Especially if it coming from un regulated areas outside of the US.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

At State Level , G.O.P. Seeks Big Environmental Cutbacks

I found this article particularly upsetting because one of the biggest cuts proposed was by Florida Governor Rick Scott. Apparently eliminating millions of dollars for land conservation, taking 17- 50 million dollars away from everglades restoration thus the loss of hundreds of jobs is a great way to stimulate our sunshine state economy. When most of our revenue comes from tourists who want to experience Florida wildlife, wouldn't you think it would be something worth investing in?